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With a decade of experience and clients from Hollywood to Cork City, Ashley Noelle Edwards-Desmond creates artful photographs of substance and style for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. Her perspective is fresh, yet contains an old world timelessness few can replicate.  - TATLER 

The Art of Connection

         "Being a photographer is the great joy of my life." 

With a professional background in both art and science, a love for languages and poetry, Ashley Edwards-Desmond brings her unique perspective to each photography client worldwide.

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The Poetry of Film

Inspired by poetic movement, romantic grain, and that cinematic je ne sais quoi, film allows me to create not only traditional wedding images, but also painterly works of art that will become a beautiful addition to your personal history. The greatest, most iconic weddings in history were photographed on film and remain timeless and sought-after to this day. 

The look of film is luxury. I photograph images on film not only in perfect natural light, but also after dark for a cohesive set of wedding photographs. Additionally, my second photographers always shoot digital, so you will receive the best of both mediums.

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